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Welcome to our Home Page

The Nine Lotus Family Self Defense Center is now Closed

Due to a farming accident on 8.15.2020 Hanshi Nelson underwent amputation surgery of the right lower extremity and is wheelchair bound for the foreseeable future.

The "NineLotus.Com" site will be converted into a free Information Source site.

Hanshi Nelson wishes to thank everyone for 25 good years.

Craig Morgan shall continue instruction of Traditional T'ai Chi and Self Defense.

Jess Williams shall continue instruction of Combat Kempo

Home of the American Nine Lotus Association & Kizoku-Ryu Kai

We are the oldest full time martial art studio in Hickory, with the most well rounded Self Defense & Holistic Curriculum in the Unifour, taught by a 10th Degree Combat Black Belt and Certified T'ai Chi Grand Master.

We are the only studio in the Unifour to offer programs 6 days a week in:
�.. Chinese Yoga
�.. Guided Meditation
�.. Chinese Kick-Boxing
�.. Traditional T'ai Chi
�.. T'ai Chi with "Passive/Re-directive Applications"
�.. Chair T'ai Chi for folks with physical challenges

As well as Self Defense focusing on:
�.. Leverage over Strength
�.. Joint Locks & Manipulation
�.. Sweeps & Throws
�..Ground Fighting for the street
�.. Short Stick (Escrima / Arnis / Kali) & Quarter-Staff Fighting
�.. Fighting against 2, 3, 4 and more opponents
�.. Improvisation in Hostage & Crisis Situations
�.. Street Proven Defense against grabs, knives, guns, ballbats, kidnap, and more ...
�.. Children & Parents training together.

We also offer 6-week courses with a completion certificate in:
�.. Women's Self Defense
�.. Women's Empowerment
�.. Self Defense for Seniors

�.. A Junior Martial Arts program for youth enrolling before 13 years of age

No Contracts!

No Pressure to compete!

Lifetime Locked-In Rate!

Stacking Discounts for Family Groups, Senior Citizens, Veterans, Corporate Rates, Continuing Education Students.

An introduction to FSDC of Hickory


Family Self Defense Center of Hickory, NC offers your choice of Martial Arts Training in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), Combat Kempo, Kung Fu, Injukan Ju Jutsu, Tanbo Jutsu, Stick and Staff Fighting, Chinese Kick-Boxing, Ryu-Kyu Karate, Kizoku-Ryu Tai Jutsu, use of Knife and Sword, Women�s Kick-Boxing and Self Defense, Jiu Ling Kung Fu and T'ai Chi Gong, and more for one affordable price. Classes are in Brookford and within easy access of Granite Falls, Hudson, Lenoir, Morganton, Valdese, Vale, Gastonia, Maiden, Newton, Conover, Catawba, Statesville, and Taylorsville. Also available: Certified Personal Strength, Health & Fitness Training.


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Member of the American Nine Lotus Association.